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How to use / How to enjoy

Download the special app

A special smartphone app is required to use Chappet.
Download it from the banner below.

  • App Storeからダウンロード
  • Google Playで手に入れよう

How to connect Chappet and your smartphone

iPhone users

Open Settings on your iPhone, turn on Bluetooth and select "Chappet."

Android users

Open Settings on your smartphone, turn on Bluetooth and select "Chappet."

How to Use the Chappet Device


How to Attach Chappet

Use a thread to directly sew
Chappet on a stuffed toy.

Hang around the stuffed toy's
neck with a string.

Charging and Turning ON/OFF

Use original
cable to charge.

Long press for 3 seconds
to turn ON/OFF.

How to Use the App

Various Features

Chat candidates

Candidate phrases for a chat will be displayed based on characters you enter in the textbox.

Text chat

Chappet will read aloud text you've entered in a cute voice.

Voice chat

Chappet will change your voice and output what you talk into the app.

Name button

Tap the button at the lower right of the screen to have Chappet call out a registered name.

Phrase list

Choose a phrase you want Chappet to speak from various categories.

Song list

Choose a song you want Chappet to sing from the song list or add songs to the list.

Story list

Choose a story you want Chappet to tell from the story list or add stories to the list.


Tap the star at the right of a phrase to add it to Favorites.


Playlists can be created from all registered phrases/songs/stories.

Auto mode

Chappet will talk automatically in response to a voice.

Baby mode

Chappet provides music for comforting a crying baby and for putting a child to sleep.


Chappet will notify you at the set time.


Purchase additional songs and stories.


Make various settings including changing Chappet's voice and adding names you want it to address.